Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spotlight: Narrow Boot, Nudie

We've had the narrow boot in our store for a couple of weeks now, and I think its such a great jean. I wanted to post some pictures and tell you a bit about the fit.
Our very own Melissa (who also happens to be the women's fit model for Nudie) tried these on recently and loved them.

This is such a lovely fit for women. It comes out slightly from the knee, which allows for the jeans to slip over a heel, making your legs look crazy long.

These jeans are great for guys to. For anyone that wants an option that's not skinny or straight, this is the way to go. Guys: plan on sizing up a couple of sizes, since it is the "narrow" boot.

We have a full size run available. Please call or email to order if you are not in the Provo area. Shipping is free, so buy these!

sizes 26x34 - 34x34, $215

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