Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Arrivals: A.P.C. New Cure

Happy Holidays to all of you Mode-ers. If anyone needs a last minute gift for someone (or yourself) we just received some new A.P.C. denim. This was quite a pleasant surprise as we were desperately trying to get these by Christmas.

The New Cure selvage is neither a high nor low rise. For guys and girls, it sports a very narrow leg, 5 pockets, and the A.P.C. detailing (or lack thereof) that we all love so much.
Sizes 25 - 34. $155.

Yours and my favorite style guru, The Sartorialist recently made this post on his famous blog about the New Cures:

Reconsidering Jeans

...I have finally found a jean that fits and looks good on me..the APC New Cure. The New Cure has a great slim leg and doesn't sit too high or low on the waist. Of course my cleaning lady washed my "unwashed" hard denim jeans recently which I thought would ruin them, but actually it just gave me a new "rinse" and a great reason to buy a new pair to replace the old ones!

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dsf said...

You should order some apc petite standards!