Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Arrivals: B. Son

We're very excited about the new shipment of B. Son that came in today. As always, these pieces look great on men and women, and always are cut with a high level of artistry and sophistication. Brandon, the designer, finds a way to take ordinary items like cardigans and hoodies and make them completely unique.

B. Son double mock pullover. 100% cotton. This is a very thick and warm piece, perfect for the onslaught of the Utah winter. The double neck gives it multiple options for wearing. Anyone riding a bike will love the high-zipping face protector. Looks great zipped up or folded down. $165.

Front pockets add an extra level of supple...supple...comfort.

B. Son black quilted cowl neck sweater. Reinforced shoulders give this piece a very nice structure. Very warm. $170.

Quilt detail.

B. Son double layered cardigan. 100% cotton, sewn together at outseam. $121.

Inside layer buttons, leaving outside layer to hang tough. Looks great buttoned or open.

B. Son 100% merino wool scarf. Size is adjustable for comfort. Super soft and sexy. $145.

B. Son 100% organic cotton long sleeved u-neck. $88.

Certified organic, locally grown cotton made here in the U.S.

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