Thursday, May 22, 2008

Soon to come: APC

Atelier des Production et Creation. This is about the most excited you'll ever see us get about a line. Not since the acquisition of Nudie have we been so excited. We are proud to announce that we will be the first store in Utah to carry these elusive jeans. Here's what the experts at Fashion Nation had to say about APC:

"The Paris-based label has been one of the pillars of understated elegance since its founding in 1987 by designer Jean Touitou. APC’s brand is invisible - none of the jeans carry any external markings - and their clothes are all products manufactured to the highest standards, and great value for money. Their cuts are structured and sharp, comparable to Helmut Lang or Hedi Slimane, while maintaining that generic, bowler-and-suit quality. In fact, the much-celebrated Dior Homme skinny jeans were inspired by APC’s vision of construction over design, and work over talk.

APC’s most popular jeans are the New Standard, a slim straight cut with a slight taper below the knee, and are effectively unisex. No treatments are applied; the jeans are sold raw and unwashed, with that beautiful raw denim sheen from the compression during manufacturing still visible. Of course, since their explosion into the general view about a year ago, washed models have also become a part of their denim line."

The first style to hit Mode will be the New Standard raw selvedge. As you well know, selvedge normally starts around $300-$400 for most lines. The great thing about the New Standard is that they are only $155.


Anonymous said...

very cool

Russel Wilson said...

Just got a pair yesterday and they're the BEST!