Thursday, April 3, 2008

New Line: Wrath Arcane

This woven is a nice mod style fit. Trim on the ribcage, short on the waist. Includes Wrath Arcane's signature harness on the back. $132.

One of my favorite things about Wrath Arcane is their graphics. Subtlety is key this season. I chose a black on black graphic option for this piece. Very versatile as a hoodie, four pockets on the front. Use the top pockets to avoid the traditionally slouchy hoodie look. Extra long sleeves give lots of arm options, wear them bunched up or fully extended. $150.

Gray v-neck t. Black crew neck. $40


Anonymous said...


The Gorbott said...

ryan looks so tough in these pictures

Rupeshow said...

are the schmooves a few entries back the only styles you're getting in?

The Gorbott said...

those schmooves are dope dog. you gotta get some